9 Benefits of Daily Coffee Consumption


What’s better, the smell or the taste of coffee? Who are we kidding, it’s the taste! Coffee is a morning ritual for millions of us, but should we be indulging each and every day? Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world and 54% of Americans drink it each day. While some drink for energy, and others for taste, we found out that your daily grind might actually be good for you. Let’s take a look at nine reasons you should keep coffee in your morning routine

1. Coffee can reduce your risk of becoming diabetic
Almost 10% of Americans are diabetic, and a major factor behind its development is a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Drinking too much coffee each day comes with its own health risks, but it also reduces your risk of developing diabetes.

Harvard School of Public Health evaluated data from 128,000 healthcare professionals that were surveyed about their diet for more than two decades. During those more than 20 years, 7,300 of them were developed Type 2 diabetes, but the participants that drank more than one cup of coffee daily, had an 11% lower risk for the disease.

2. Healthy teeth
Coffee actually decreases tooth decay. Are you surprised? Several studies revealed that roasted coffee beans have antibacterial properties against S. mutans, the bacterium that eats away at your pearly whites. Studies also show that roasted coffee prevents the absorption of such bacteria. In these studies, different types of coffee beans were used both roasted and unroasted, Arabia and Robusta. While all of them provided similar benefits, the roasted beans were more active in preventing teeth from absorbing bacteria.

3. Coffee helps to delay Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s rates seem to be growing rapidly, but did you know that certain studies show that high caffeine intake can delay the development of this terrible disease.

4. Coffee the mood enhancer
Coffee is chockfull of caffeine. Caffeine is a non-tropical that improves the state of your mood and overall cognitive function. You may have experienced this firsthand if you are a longtime coffee drinker: Go ahead and skip one day of coffee and you might feel a bit sad. Chances are it’s related to (and cured by) coffee.

5. Coffee for liver health
To put it simply, drink more coffee and less booze. Alcohol can do irreversible damage to your liver. Coffee, on the other hand, helps to protect it.

6. Coffee preventing skin cancer
Skin cancer rates are on the rise. While easy ways to avoid skin cancer include applying sunscreen, there are other things you can do to cut your risk. One of those things includes drinking more coffee. Scientists have theorized think that caffeine is to thank for this benefit, though results are generally inconclusive.

7. Coffee for heart health
Have you ever been warned that coffee is bad for your heart? It’s true. A cool thirty cups might have devastating effect on your heart. But drinking coffee in moderation, every day, actually improves heart health.

8. Coffee strengthening DNA
DNA is very invisible, and to no one’s surprise, quite fragile. Strands of DNA break often, but that might be avoidable. You probably guessed it by now: Coffee is good for you, all the way down to your DNA. Caffeine tightens DNA integrity, so drink up.

9. Coffee is full of antioxidants
Oxidation and free radicals contribute to the aging process, while antioxidants fight the good fight against aging. Coffee contains more antioxidants than many fruits, including oranges and grapes.

To be brief, coffee is great for you. So long as you moderate your intake, you will live longer, be happier and have stronger DNA!

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