9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kissing


Kissing is an emotional language to express affection with other humans that shows the highest stage of emotion and affection to the partner. Kissing not only gives pleasure, happiness, and good feelings, but has several remarkable benefits for overall health. Check out the following 10 health benefits of kissing.

  • Reduces stress. Kissing helps lower the stress hormone cortisol and buffers an individual against the psychological effects of stress.
  • Lowers blood pressure: It helps lower your blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels. Kissing also increases heart rate, which pumps more blood reducing blood pressure.
  • Relieve cramps and headaches: Kissing dilates blood vessels, which can help reduce cramps and relieve pain including headaches.
  • Helps teeth and fights cavities: Kissing leads to increased saliva production, which helps wash away cavity-forming germs, remove plaque, and protect teeth from acid attacks.
  • Burns calories: Vigorous kissing can help burn some calories, but not as much as when you exercise or workout.
  • Release your happy hormones: The happy hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin are released by kissing leading to a feeling of a high and immense happiness. It also strengthens you bond with your partner.
  • Boosts the self-esteem: Kissing helps boost your self-esteem.  A research study showed that men who got a good bye kiss before leaving for work are happier and motivated to be more productive. A kiss and a feeling of being loved and cared for make people happier leading to enhanced self-esteem.
  • Tones facial muscles: Kissing makes neck, jawline, and other facial muscles act and shape up leading to their toning up. It also increases the blood circulation throughout the face making you look younger.
  • Improves relationship and compatibility: Kissing facilitates the subconscious appraisal of a potential mate and assesses compatibility factors. Kissing strengthens feelings of attachment and increases the feeling of relationship satisfaction.
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