6 Ways That Coffee Can Make You Better


Almost all of us drink it every morning: Coffee. The world’s most popular beverage, it’s grown across the globe and comes in a number of flavors, varieties, blends and strengths. If anyone has ever told you that coffee was bad, well guess what? They were wrong. Research shows that moderate coffee consumption can be very beneficial to your body, skin and brain. Take a look at these six reasons why you should definitely start each day with a hot cup of coffee.

1. It’s full of antioxidants
Most Americans get antioxidants from coffee than they do from the rest of their diet. While fruits and vegetables have a ton of antioxidants, you might be surprised to find out that your body absorbs the most antioxidants from coffee. So, grab another cup!

2. Coffee as a stress reliever
According to researchers at the Seoul National University, smelling coffee is enough to lower stress levels. The study wasn’t about stress alone, but about stress brought on by sleep deprivation. Therefore, if you are feeling groggy, either grab a cup of fresh coffee or smell one!

3. Coffee supporting liver health
In 2006, 125,000 individuals over the age of 22 participated in a study about the benefits of coffee. In the study, those drank just one cup of coffee a day were less likely to develop cirrhosis of the liver, an autoimmune disease. Liver cirrhosis is caused by drinking alcohol in excess.

Coffee offers protection against alcoholic cirrhosis. Heavy coffee drinkers are in luck and will end up hospitalized, or dying, from liver cirrhosis less often than non-coffee drinkers. Several other studies have revealed that nonalcoholic fatty liver disease can be prevented by drinking coffee.

4. Long-term brain health
Looking to keep your mind sharp for the long-term? Well, grab another cup (or two) of Joe! A study done by researchers at the University of Miami and the University of South Florida found that high levels of caffeine might actually delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 4 years. The results were based on higher blood levels of caffeine in individuals over the age of 65.

While this doesn’t mean that coffee prevent Alzheimer’s disease outright, it does shine some light on the fact that a moderate amount of caffeine on a regular basis can reduce risk of developing this awful disease.

5. Coffee as a cup of happiness
Caught up in feeling blue? A little depressed? A cup of coffee might be your ticket back to happiness. The National Institute of Health completed a study that revealed an interesting benefit of coffee. According to the study, individuals that drank a minimum of four cups of coffee every day were less likely to be depressed than their coffee-avoiding peers.

No, before you think this has to do with participants catching a caffeine high, the euphoria is exclusive to coffee. Sodas have caffeine, but many sodas are actually linked to depression.

6. Coffee might just raise your I.Q.
Coffee might actually make you smarter. In general, most drink coffee when they are feeling sleepy or lethargic. We all know the benefits of coffee before a long day at work or school.

But according to some reports, coffee offers much more than a boost in energy. It can also boost your I.Q. That’s right; according to CNN, coffee makes you more intelligent by causing your brain to be more efficient. Caffeine improves your attention span, reaction time, logical reasoning and vigilance. All four of these components are associated with overall intelligence.

So, how much coffee should you drink?
Ingesting too much caffeine can have an adverse effect on your body, leading to anxiety, jitters and insomnia. To avoid the negatives, the Mayo Clinic says that adults limit themselves to 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine daily. This is just about four cups of your average coffee. However, portion control might be easier when you brew your own. For example, a 6-ounce coffee from Starbucks can have 200 mg more of caffeine than that served at Dunkin Donuts.

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